Tag Manager

Enhance your services and communication with digital tags

Digital tags, such as QR codes and NFC tags (Near Field Communication), enable new ways to discover and utilize services. Our Tag Manager service offers an easy solution to produce and manage mobile pages, contents and functionalities behind the digital tags (QR/NFC).

Tag Manager_BonwalOy

Tag Manager enables you to create tailored mobile services, suitable content for different purposes and connect specific services to digital tags. You can develop for example questionnaires and registration forms, offer versatile marketing campaigns and collect customer data. Tag Manager helps you to follow consistently the usage of the tags and other statistics. You can find more information on digital tags from here.


Easy to manage

With our web-based interface you are able to manage your content and operations easily as well as monitor the statistics related to each tag.




Versatile content and functionalities

The content behind digital tags can be anything from multiple mobile pages or menus to different functions completed with a smart phone. Such functions can be for example fast access to web links, automatically sending an SMS or an email or making a phone call to a specific person. Please find below a list of actual implementations created with our Tag Manager:



Efficient monitoring

Tag Manager enables detailed statistics and easy monitoring of each tag’s current status and usage.


statistics for selected tags


Please find additional information on different services developed with Tag Manager from our Customers and References page.