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Our cases include customized services and applications as well as individual development projects.

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) mobile applications




Mobile Ticket service 

HSL Mobile Ticket application enables users to purchase single tickets within the Helsinki Region Transport zone.  Tickets are shown to the driver and paid by passengers phone bill. HSL inspectors read the tickets with their QR code devices.

Download HSL Mobile Ticket application easily.



Oma Matkakortti 2


Oma Matkakortti NFC application

Oma Matkakortti application enables users to view the HSL travel card information directly on their NFC phone. Travelers are able to check how much value or time left their tickets have and go through their previous travel details.

Download Oma Matkakortti App application easily.


App distribution as well as user support in the app stores is also executed by us.


Seamchip concept – CRM system, loyalty cards and mobile tools for merchants

seamchip case 2
Web-based tool for Seamchip merchants that allows them to manage their customers and key accounts. The service concept includes a customer relationship management (CRM) system (sending emails and SMS), loyalty and seasonal cards, various tickets as well as access rights.  Scanning tickets and other customer benefits is easily conducted with the mobile tool.



Clear Channel – Interactive marketing campaign tool utilizing digital tags

ClearChannel pic1
Digital mobile marketing and campaign tool utilizing NFC tags and QR codes. Customized mobile pages created for commercial outdoor screens. Campaign-specific mini CRM system with multiple tools for registration, competitions etc. Pages and content tailored specifically for each campaign. Location based data provides detailed statistics for each physical tag.

Campaign was executed with our Tag Manager tool.


Urban Mill – Versatile mobile content for events

Urban Mill pic 4
Urban Mill utilizes our Tag Manager tool for providing mobile content (event information, competitions, voting results etc.) in their events. Mobile pages are accessible via web links and digital tags.






Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) orienteering game

HSL joukko pic3
Public transport game for the HSL bus passengers. An orienteering route through the city with multiple mobile checkpoints were passengers were able to complete several quizzes, crosswords and riddles. Automated solution checking, lottery and real-time follow-up possibility were included.

HSL joukko pic1





 Juvenes – Card application and cashier module

Juvenes pic1


Smart card application and cashier module for Juvenes restaurants. Enables customers to charge their cards with various products that can be later used in several restaurants. Cards function without a back-end application.



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